Smile EP out now

I will describe my sound as pop with a little bit of soul. But above all, inspirational.

Story of Smile

Starts with ‘Live Your Life’ Cause essentially that’s what my story is about, there are gonna be ups and downs but you just need to smile and carry on. And as you go live your life you’ll see that ‘We are One’ because your family and friends will be by your side to see you through. Even though some of them might leave you behind, it’s all a part of life and they will surely raise you up (‘You Raise Me Up’). Remember how I said there will be down times? Some people you love and care for won’t appreciate you and it sucks but don’t shed tears (‘Done Crying’), learn to love yourself and not rely on anyone else for that and above all, I need you to be ‘Brave’.

The ‘Smile’ EP was created, managed and completed by Elegance Management Artist Services.

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